The Medici secure messaging app that enables users to communicate virtually with medical providers via text, call or video, is now available in South Africa and will expand into the rest of Africa.

First launched in the US, the app hosts an array of practitioners including family physicians, paediatricians, dermatologists, dentists, mental health providers, nutritionists, dieticians and even veterinarians, providing a more convenient and modernised method of consultation to suit all healthcare needs.

Medici users will receive a consultation receipt so that patients are able to claim back from their Medical Aid provider. Patients who aren’t covered by a Medical Aid will also benefit from the app as a result of the consultation fee being significantly lower than traditional examinations.

Medici Africa has partnered with Dr Michael Mol and Hello Doctor, already servicing over 400 000 patients with their own panel of doctors. This partnership will create an integrated link between the two apps, allowing patients on Hello Doctor to consult with their own doctor via Medici and vice versa.

Choosing a doctor is a very personal decision, which is what makes Medici so unique. Patients can speak to their existing family physician, who already has access to their full medical history and receive medical advice quickly and effectively.

“South Africa gave me one of the most incredible foundations for life that I could have ever hoped for,” says Clinton Phillips, founder and CEO of Medici, founder of 2nd.MD, and former chiropractor and rugby player from South Africa. “Launching Medici in Africa is an incredible honour, it will change millions of lives and bring access to high-quality healthcare to patients and providers alike.”

Medici offers patients:

* An opportunity to consult or have a follow up appointment from the comfort of your own home, eliminating waiting times and related costs;

* Peace of mind and timely responses to medical questions or potential emergencies that arise after-hours;

* An additional, direct line of communication with medical providers;

* The ability to easily request authorised prescription refills;

* A centralised location for medical records compiled from the time a user downloads the app; and

* An easy-to-use, transparent payment system integrated directly into the Medici platform.

Medici offers medical professionals:

* A secure messaging tool that allows for easier management of patients, accessible from anywhere;

* Freedom to text, call or video with patients on the provider’s terms;

* An opportunity to increase patient retention and eliminate patient visits to emergency rooms;

* A compensation-based health care delivery model determined by the provider;

* A better work-life balance that allows providers the flexibility to determine their availability for patient communications via the app; and

* Reduction of overhead from administrative costs associated with medical practices.