The TomTom Sports app allowsusers to import data from Google Fit and Apple Health to their account.

As a result, users can continuously track their activity data and see trends, insights and daily summaries in the TomTom Sports app, even without a TomTom Sports wearable.

The update allows anyone to import their daily activity data from Google Fit (Android) or Apple Health (iOS). This includes steps, active time, distance and calories. With the TomTom Sports app, they can set goals and get credit for every step even if they are not wearing or using a TomTom Sports device. In case they are connected to Google Fit or Apple Health and wear their TomTom Sports device at the same time, activity data will not be duplicated.

“This is a great new development for anyone interested in getting more from tracking their activities,” said Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and managing director of TomTom Consumer. “We know that people use different apps to track their activities and fitness level. Now they can have all of their data in one place – the TomTom Sports app – and continue to track should they forget their TomTom device at home. Anyone considering to buy a fitness tracker can now try out the TomTom Sports app for free first. We’re delighted to be making the motivation of the TomTom Sports app available to more people and can’t wait to see them get going.”

The TomTom Sports app, co-created with athletes and fitness app users, gets people going by providing motivational messages, activity trends and comparisons, performance stats down to the second, rich social sharing functions, presented in an attractive and friendly design.

To try the app for free, users can download it from the App Store and Google Play store, and set up a profile. The app will prompt to connect with Google Fit and Apple Health, as a one-off request. After that, the TomTom Sports app will do the work for you by importing the data on a daily basis.