Deloitte has launched Digital Bank, a new services offering for banks to accelerate their digital transformation.
It is based on the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform and uses the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, to help banks provide tailored banking capabilities with accelerated implementation and realisation of value.
“Today’s banking world is being disrupted by new technologies, non-traditional competitors, regulatory changes and ultra-sophisticated customers — requiring speed and innovation to maintain exceptional customer loyalty and advocacy,” says Valter Adao, Deloitte digital and innovation leader. “To compete in the changing banking landscape, it’s important for banks to provide their customers with experiences that are genuinely and positively surprising in both their function and appearance.
“Digital Bank is designed to help banks create value by offering their customers banking capabilities that are tailored to their individual needs, behaviours and patterns.”
Digital Bank’s capabilities and potential benefits include:
* Augmented Salesforce Platform with many technologies, fintech solutions and AppExchange partners, as well as personalised channel engagement through automated marketing using Salesforce Marketing Cloud;
* Ability to expand relationships by having full visibility into bank relationships across business units;
* Established customer trust through multifactor secured cloud banking platforms and improved onboarding for customers through a fully mobile process enabled by many technologies;
* Increased speed and agility to meet customer needs, as well as the regulatory needs of the banking industry, using predictive analytics based on account behaviour to recommend next best offers and next best actions; and
* Accelerated implementation allowing banks to generate ROI faster, including linking newly created accounts in Salesforce to a blockchain secured digital identity.
“To succeed in today’s digital world, banks need to transition from a product-centric approach to a needs-based customer model adding value anytime, on any device as if it were a human interaction,” said James McLaren, associate director for Deloitte Digital at Salesforce. “Deloitte Digital’s new service will help banks to better serve their customers by providing them with a simplified and connected experience at every touch point.”
Adao adds: “Today’s digital customer journey requires a whole new mindset, and this unique consultancy model removes traditional barriers, allowing banks to better serve customers in a simpler, smooth way, which is at the core of effective digital transformations.”