From the creators of rAge (really Awesome gaming expo) comes a new South African gaming event, Rush, which aims to become an annual showcase for e-sports.
Rush will take place over three days, featuring a variety of competitive tournaments by local organisations hosted on dedicated e-sports stages, with live shoutcasting (commentary) by some of South Africa’s top shoutcasters.
South Africa’s top gamers and clans will compete for the honour of taking the top spots, as well as for a host of prizes.
Three main stages have already been confirmed, showcasing popular titles such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), FIFA 17 and League of Legends. In addition, there’ll be a Street Fighter V tournament where casual as well as professional gamers can take part.
“Rush aims to provide a neutral and inclusive platform for all the local esports organisations to host their respective events under one roof,” says Lauren Das Neves, marketing manager for Rush, NAG and rAge. “We want to foster an environment that will not only benefit local tournament hosts, but encourage new esports talent, as well as provide a centre of activity where local esports fans can gather to interact with and support their favourite teams and players. Rush is not another rAge, it’s something completely different.”
The event’s headline sponsor is HP Omen.