Many businesses do not have the resources or inclination to track the latest computer news, security threats, or even common IT tips. As a result, they frequently make mistakes; the key is knowing when to call in the experts to help, according to Mark Veck, owner and director at Unit IT.
According to Veck, many organisations go without technical support. “They choose to rely on an employee or a staff member’s friend who is ‘interested in computers’ to provide technology advice or assistance when critical systems fail or slow down unacceptably. Some turn to their hardware manufacturer’s telephone support line for help, only to be disappointed when the solution to many problems is to reinstall software.
“This means all previous data is lost, which can be disastrous for a business,” says Veck. “These troubleshooting support methods are not cost-efficient, nor are they effective administration options.”
Mark and his business partner, Richard Kanathigoda started Unit IT in 2012, with 14 years of combined previous experience in providing managed IT services. The business provides IT solutions for companies in various industries across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Their clients around the world are serviced from their offices in Cape Town, at The Bureaux’s flexible workspace in the Woodstock Exchange, and in London, UK.
According to Veck, there are two other common mistakes businesses fall victim to: poor back up strategies and security failures. “Despite numerous choices and methods, many organisations fail to adequately back up data,” he says.
“This is a mistake that can be unrecoverable. Since data backups are so critical to an organisation’s livelihood, businesses must make sure the right data is being backed up and that it is done as frequently as required.”
Regarding IT security, Veck explains that businesses everywhere are victims of compromised systems, robotic attacks and identity and data theft. “Organisations that fail to properly secure client and customer data often find themselves in the middle of security crises that result in bad press, lost sales, and forfeited customer trust – all things which one should wisely avoid.”
Veck top tip is to outsource appropriately. “As a growing small business, leverage the expertise and economies of scale that vendors can provide, rather than trying to build out ancillary departments, like an IT support team. Outsourcing means you can orient your workforce around your business expertise and have more time to focus on your strengths.”
Wise advice, from Veck whose business is a success story itself. “Our company has grown vastly over the last two years, and thanks to the flexibility of The Bureaux’s shared office space we were able to expand because they could accommodate our growing need for more office space.”
Greg Beadle, founder of The Bureaux, says: “Unit IT have been based at our Woodstock Exchange shared office space since 2012. As their Cape Town team has grown from two to 44 staff, we have provided more desk space to the business, allowing them the flexibility to expand seamlessly without the hassle of relocating or paying for unused space in a larger office.”