Average distributor sell prices (ASPs) for PCs continued to rise during the first two months of Q2 2017, according to the latest data published by market researcher Context.
Distributor ASPs for PCs were up by 19% across Western Europe, from €473 in April and May 2016 to €564 in early Q2 this year. In Eurozone countries, prices increased by 15% during the same period, from €469 to €539. Prices in April and May were also higher than in the first quarter of this year: by 2% across Western Europe, and 1% across Eurozone countries.
The price increases were seen in both the consumer and business PC segments. In Western Europe, the ASP of business-targeted PCs was up by 17% year-on-year in early Q2 2017, while that of consumer-targeted systems increased by 20%, albeit from a smaller base.
“PC ASPs have been on the rise since Q3 2016,” says Marie-Christine Pygott, senior analyst at Context. “The increase has been driven by currency fluctuations, price increases by vendors to offset the effects of higher component costs, and also by a shift to higher-value products such as gaming systems in the consumer segment and powerful, high-end notebooks in the commercial sector.”