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Konica Minolta SA debuts document accounting software


Konica Minolta South Africa has launched an enterprise platform which integrates directly into legal practice management systems, such as ProLaw, Tabs3, PC Law and Timeslips, Proman and more, for billing back clients and matter accounts.“The software essentially allows the legal practice to spend more time working and less time worrying about the billing process; of course, this has a direct effect on keeping print costs in check through printing efficiency and flexibility,” says Mohammed Vachiat, software product manager at Konica Minolta South AfricaHe highlights that with its innovative low-cost architecture, modular software approach and add-on options, this application provides a full range of benefits, such as:• Allows for billing of prints, copies, scans, faxes, phone calls to clients, matters and projects;• Improves recoveries with automated disbursement billing;• Frees up admin staff time from manual disbursement capture;• Reduces waste;• Discovers optimal deployments of office equipment;• Better supplies management;• Controls access to office equipment; and• Centralises the management of printing infrastructure.”Advantageous too, is the software’s capability to offer variable pricing between users, clients, matters and projects – that is, calls can be priced according to the number dialed or variable according to the account with per-second charging,” says Vachiat. “Its simple administration, which aligns with environmental policies and extensive graphical reporting capabilities, add an additional edge to the software.”To ensure a sound workflow of the law practice, the embedded copier interface is consistent with the workstation print interface, meaning users only have to learn one system and one set of terminology.Offering efficient print queue management as well as the convenient definition of print policies and rules, Vachiat points out that the solution effectively answers the legal sector’s requirements with regard to reliable output management.”Importantly too, because it is installed on an organisation’s server the application can also track, manage and account for any print job produced on the network. In addition, the applications, monitoring and accounting capabilities can include local printers, providing full control and transparency with regard to what is printed when, by whom and on which device.”Users benefit from secure printing because confidential print jobs are no longer lying around unattended in output trays, where they might fall into the wrong hands,” concludes Vachiat.