Almost nine in ten consumers have admitted they are more likely to trust a company whose services they enjoy, new research from travel technology company Sabre Corporation has found.
However, when asked about the businesses they use, just 16% said they would trust companies more in the future as they adopt new technologies. The research, which surveyed 2 000 UK adults, was carried out to help companies understand the relationship between new technologies and trust.
Trust is low when it comes to personal data

Respondents were also asked to state which industries they currently trust with their personal data. While financial services came out top with 47%, just 14% stated a trust in airlines and 11% in hotels.

“We’ve seen from this month’s UK election campaigns just how significant a role trust can play in the outcome,” says Eric Hallerberg, MD, UK & Ireland, Sabre. “Without trust, it is difficult for politicians to convince people of the value of policies – and it’s the same for businesses introducing new technologies to their consumers. To gain people’s trust, companies need to focus on creating enjoyable and memorable experiences that people really value. In travel, that may mean convenience and a more seamless, contextual and personalised service from the moment the customer books a trip until after they return home.”
Regional differences
Trust in emerging tech was highest in London, with 28% stating they would trust companies more in the future as they introduce new technologies. The least trusting region was Wales, with just 10%.
Trust in the airline industry was highest in Northern Ireland, with 18% trusting airlines with their personal data, compared with just 11% of those in the East of England. London demonstrated the most trust in the hotel industry, with 15% of residents saying they trusted hotels with their personal data; compared with Yorkshire at just 6%.
Age differences
The “Millennial” generation (age 25-34) was the most trusting of emerging tech; 31% said they would trust companies more in the future as they adopt new technologies – almost three times the number of over 35s (11%).
Under 35s were also significantly more trusting of the travel industry, with 21% trusting airlines and 19% trusting hotels with their personal data. This was compared with those over 35, who answered just 11% and 8% respectively.