Intel has delivered what it believes to be the world’s first commercially available 64-layer, TLC, 3D NAND solid state drive (SSD).
“We are announcing the new Intel SSD 545s for the computer client,” says Rob Crooke, senior vice-president and GM of the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group at Intel. “This is a high-quality, reliable drive for the mainstream market that delivers great performance for older PCs or new value PCs.”
Intel 3D NAND technology is a floating gate architecture that gives us the world’s best areal density today and provides scalability for the future. This is based upon having a smaller cell size and by placing control logic under the memory array.
“Having the world’s best areal density means we can scale to large capacity and deliver more gigabytes per wafer,” says Crooke. “Our experience with designing this architecture into SSD solutions has enabled us to rapidly improve performance, power consumption, performance consistency and reliability with each generation.
“Additionally, floating gate technology is manufactured on a proven, high-volume manufacturing process – enabling us to accelerate transitions from 2D to 3D, MLC to TLC, and now 32-layer to 64-layer products.”