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Mustek takes on MSI gaming notebooks


Notebook gaming vendor MSI has partnered with Mustek in the South African market.

The gaming market is booming in South Africa, but also around the world, and Mustek is positioning itself to cater for the market.

“We are very excited to partner with Mustek,” says John Hung, the country manager for MSI South Africa Notebook. “Our mutual goal is to offer our customers the best ‘weapon’ using the latest technology, true gaming features and the best service.”

Mustek will carry the full range of MSI’s notebooks, including its Gaming series (GT, GS, GE, GP, GL), Prestige series (PL, PE), Classic series (CX) and the Workstation series (WE, WS, WT), so all levels of gamers, designers and general users in South Africa will be fully covered.