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Kathy Gibson reports from Dell EMC Channel Update in Sandton – Workforce transformation is a new concept, running alongside IT and business transformation.

Pamila Sewnarain, client solutions lead: distribution and channel at Dell EMC SA, points out that end user demands are changing at the same time as technology is changing.

“Users are looking at technology in a different way, and we need to align the right technology to the right users,” she says.

Studies show us that at least 60% of work is now done outside of business hours – it’s no longer a location but an activity.

Another key factor is that 95% of security breaches originate at the end point – so they end point device is as important as the data centre when it comes to security.

End users are becoming more demanding: 44% don’t think their workplace is smart enough; 41% would quit over poor technology; 82% say technology influences which job thy stay in; and 58% say Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality/virtual reality is a job perk.

Buyers have changes as well – and IT is no longer in charge. Today, buying decisions are being made by functional buyers like human resources, operations and engineering.

“Workforce transformation expands the conversation to a new level, and revolves around secure devices,” Sewnarain says.

The top workplace trends the Dell EMC expects to see emerging include:

* Immersive technology like the Dell Canvas that targets users in creative industries. It will be available in South Africa from 1 August.

* Otherworldliness is becoming desirable, with augmented, assisted, mixed and virtual reality all coming of age. The interaction between the physical and digital changes the way people interact with technology and the world around them. The Dell portfolio includes devices that are ready for augmented reality ad virtual reality.

* Modern homes rely on technology – but open up new security threats. Dell EMC secures devices on a number of levels.

* The accelerating pace of technology innovation means that there is a constant demand for new user experiences. Dell EMC is leading with an innovative portfolio and solutions that help end users become more productive.

* IoT is coming of age, and Dell EMC is investing effort and money in the world of IoT – in fact IDC recently named Dell as he vendor to watch in the IoT space.

* Prevention is better than sure, so Dell uses machine learning to enable predictive and preventative maintenance and support.

* Big data is becoming more important, and machines are changing how we react to issues in the market. Dell now incudes Precison Optimiser that addresses this trend.

As a market leader in end user devices, Dell secures data in motion without disrupting end users or IT productivity, Sewnarain says.

He company provides tools to deploy and manage seamlessly from a centre location.

The bottom line, says Sewnarain, is the Dell EMC delivers a superior end user experience.

The company has changed the way it sells technology, with pre-configured bundles that let resellers target the right solution at the right user, Sewnarain adds.