Econz Wireless has released another new feature for Econz Timecard. Clock-in Lock lets companies restrict the location where the employees can clock in.
“Many of our customers with one or more job sites have requested this feature,” says Thomas Marshall, sales director: southern Africa at Econz. “For the building and construction industry, campus or estate security, or any other designated area, the number of fraudulent clock-ins is costing companies increasingly large amounts on everything from petrol costs, to overtime pay.
“They told us they needed to ensure their field workers were at the correct location, on time, and not kilometres away when clocking in. With our new Clock-in Lock, if they are outside the expected area, they won’t be able to clock-in to that job.”
Setting up Clock-in Lock is easy and may be activated by the sales manager, operations manager, site supervisor, field services manager or even administrators back in the office. Choosing the location can be a specific location, address or region. Companies can choose to allow clock-in within 10m, 50m or 100m.
The task must have an address for this to work. If there is no address available, they can also use the co-ordinates.
As Timecard works on any Android or iOS GPS enabled device, and also includes Google Maps, creating Custom SmartFences, is simple and easy to use. In addition, a specific address can be attached to a specific task – like a sales visit, or repair job – and ensures the employee has clocked-in at the correct destination.
Anyone trying to clock-in outside the designated address will not be able to clock-in and he/she will get a message on the phone that they are at the wrong location for that selected task, and the clock in or change task action will not be successful.
The reverse, of course, takes place as they leave the assigned location enforcing a clock-out. This gives managers a variety of information – how long the job took, the ability to other Timecard features such as Job Sign Off by either photo or signature, Sales reports, Job and Parts reports and more.
“Our customers wanted to ensure their staff were genuinely ‘on the right job’, at the right time and place,” says Marshall. “In addition to time savings, they have reported increased productivity, less time theft, and better customer service.”