The Velocity Group, a specialist South African ICT partner, has announced that Jonathan Kropf a former founding member of the business is returning to the company in the capacity of director, to assist in building a Hybrid Cloud practice for the group.
Kropf more recently held the position of CEO at Tarsus On Demand, a business that was originally spun out of the Velocity Group and of which 50% was sold to the Tarsus Group in 2013. While Kropf retained shares in the business and worked at the company in the capacity of CEO until recently, he sold his remaining shares to Tarsus a little over a year ago.
Tarsus On Demand was the distributor’s first foray into the delivery of cloud services to its resellers and was grown by Kropf and his team from a small data centre and cloud services provider business to a fully-fledged cloud distribution and services company.
“We are looking forward to working with Jonathan in a different capacity and are delighted to welcome him back to the Tarsus Technology Group in the capacity of a customer,” states Miles Crisp, CEO at Tarsus Technology Group.
Kropf originally started the Velocity Group in 2007 and established the business as a leading provider of infrastructure solutions to the corporate mid-market. He has now returned to Velocity Group to assist with the building of a Hybrid Cloud practice that will focus on the delivery of Azure, the full Azure Stack and Microsoft Office 365 services.
According to Kropf, the new practice will continue to work with Tarsus On Demand as its primary distributor, assisting the company to grow as a preeminent provider of local cloud services.
“I am an entrepreneur at heart and my passion is to build companies and businesses from scratch. It is with this that I am looking forward to once again getting closer to the end user customer, helping them to build, shape and enable their Hybrid Cloud strategies. All of which I can do at a company I still call home,” states Kropf.
“As the Velocity Group we will be working very closely with the Tarsus Technology Group into the future, as we believe that the company has the ability to supply the on premise as well as Cloud aspects that make up a rock solid Hybrid Cloud offering. Cloud is most certainly the way of the future, however in South Africa hybrid cloud is the current reality that businesses are pursuing – it will be our goal to provide the customer with the most holistic offering available in the local market today,” he ends.