Vodacom Tanzania as received approval from the Capital Markets & Securities Authority (CMSA) in Tanzania to proceed with an initial public offering (IPO).
The company will list 560 000 100 new shares, equating to 25% of the post-offering issued share capital) at a fixed price of 850 Tanzanian Shillings (TZS) to raise TZS476-billion ($213-million).
Initially this IPO was only open to local Tanzanians, and the offer closed on 11 May 2017.
Following recent amendments to the Tanzanian Electronic and Postal Communication Act, Vodacom Tanzania was then given the approval by the CMSA to open the IPO to all potential investors, including international investors.
The offer was therefore extended, opening on 10 July 2017 and closing on 28 July 2017.
The IPO has raised TZS476 billion ($213-million) as planned, with 60% raised through subscriptions by local Tanzanian investors and 40% from international investors.
The Vodacom Tanzania IPO is the largest in the history of Tanzania’s capital markets and attracted interest from more than 40 000 local investors, most of whom are first time participants on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE), thus boosting local participation in that country’s capital markets.
Vodacom Tanzania will be listed on the Main Investment Market Segment of the DSE on or about 15 August 2017 under the ticker “VODA”.