Jasco Group has launched a new business division, Jasco Distributors, to distribute value-added products to end users via resellers.
Victor De Abreu, director of the newly-formed Jasco Distributors, says: “The new line of business will provide resellers with access to Jasco’s exclusively distributed quality product portfolio at very strategic pricing. Resellers will also receive the full benefit of discounts and discounted pricing for demo equipment, regular incentives and partner support from both ourselves and our vendors.
“We will start off by offering our Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) access control solutions, catering specifically to the security vertical. We plan on adding additional Jasco products over the next few months. Our next step will see us incorporating CCTV and surveillance solutions, as well as data analytics and intelligence, with more solutions catering to wider verticals.”
One solution already available to the channel is the Swiss-made, award-winning TBS product suite, which comprises unique, quality access control and security products. Jasco has exclusive distribution rights to the product range which includes 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional, contact-free sensors for enrolment and three-dimensional terminals for security and multifunctionality at point of access, It includes mobile fingerprint scanners, retinal scanners and cameras, as well as a management system which offers complete access and time & attendance (T&A) control. Ancillary services are also offered as part of the range and include cloud hosting: software as a service (SaaS) with BioManager Cloud and Cloud Reporting.
“All the products in the Jasco offering, including the TBS product suite, are fully capable of integration with multiple third-party and legacy products and solutions, which will enable longer system lifecycles for our end users,” says De Abreu. “We find that when customers are looking for access control solutions, they are typically looking to add additional components such as CCTV and video surveillance-intrusion detection for example.
“As such, our portfolio is designed to accommodate this requirement, and enables customers to create their own end to end solution that delivers more functionality. Furthermore, Jasco also offers a maintenance solution from the cloud at customers’ and resellers’ requests.”
Jasco Distributors will be targeting multiple customers through its channel partners, from blue chip enterprises to high-end residential requirements. Many of Jasco’s resellers are also system integrators and this offers end user customers an additional value-add. Jasco can assist resellers as well as their end user customer with integration and strategy requirements.
“Our aim is to make Jasco Distributors the largest distribution chain in South Africa with our world-class product lines. We will be looking to expand to the rest of Africa and other international markets through our presence in Africa.
“There are many opportunities waiting to be explored including markets that are demanding quality products backed by reliable local support. We can offer this through our channel, as well as additional value adds such as consulting and assisting with strategy. We believe this model is a successful one, and are looking forward to penetrating new markets with our value reseller partners.”