Graphic Image Technologies (GIT) has announced the local availability of FLIR’s PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) auto-tracking solution for Quasar CP-4221-301 PTZ cameras.
This auto-tracking solution makes it possible to use a surveillance camera to automatically follow a moving object or person should it move out of the frame – something fixed cameras cannot do.
With fixed cameras, monitoring high-risk areas like airports and warehouses is challenging. This is because once an unauthorised person or object has been identified, it is impossible to track visually on-screen if it moves beyond the camera’s line of sight. “This camera solution from FLIR changes everything. It is ideal for use in high-risk areas that require constant monitoring and comprises three-part devices, namely, the smart PTZ Tracker video encoder device, FLIR’s enterprise-grade Latitude Network Video Management System and the Quasar 1080p sWDR PTZ camera,” says Laurence Smith, executive at GIT.
The TRK-101-P PTZ Tracker is a small, self-contained video encoder capable of analysing captured video signals in order to issue warning of people, vehicles and objects crossing perimeter lines or entering into pre-defined zones. Helping to prevent object from being removed or left behind, this technology is particularly useful in airports and critical infrastructure sites.
“With this video encoder, security operators can configure customised perimeter and detection rules. When used in combination with PTZ cameras, once a moving object is detected the unit takes control of the cameras and moves them to autonomously track and zoom in on the threat,” Smith adds.
The encoder features both analogue and IP streaming video outputs to enable hybrid connectivity to legacy and IP-based CCTV networks. “It supports black and white, colour, infrared and thermal cameras and is capable of integration with existing analogue PTZ cameras. Making this the ideal solution for retrofitting existing camera installations to add the much-needed functionality of being able to autonomously track moving objects within a surveillance environment,” Smith notes.
FLIR’s Latitude Network Video Management System (NVMS) is an enterprise-level IP surveillance system that delivers forensic-quality imaging and user-friendly operations with dedicated web and mobile client software.
“It provides a modern interface for effortless viewing, playback, search and export functionality. All of which makes Latitude a powerful and versatile system that offers unparalleled flexibility in managing IP video, audio and data,” Smith says.
Probably the most important piece in this solution, is the Quasar 1080p sWDR PTZ. This high-quality surveillance camera empowers security operators to identify and track moving objects or people within the surveillance area. The camera can handle a wide variety of motion and lighting conditions.
“Available in an indoor and outdoor model, this camera is capable of multi-streaming H.264 video to delivers crisp, clean video that enables superior identification while offering the lowest bit rates regardless of scene complexity. The fact that frame rates are guaranteed even in complex high-motion scenes, reinforces the suitability of this solution in the use of visually securing airports, city surveillance applications, critical infrastructure sites, commercial offices and campuses,” Smith says.
“This bundle from FLIR is the ultimate solution that enables surveillance operators to add the much-needed functionality of being able to track and trace moving threats within their environment, without requiring a complete re-do of the camera set-up. The PTZ Auto-tracking solution can be retro-fitted into existing installations, making this an attractive alternative that will enhance the effectiveness of the overall system without incurring massive expense to do so,” says Smith.