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It’s the 21st century and the way we work is rapidly changing. More people are choosing to do their work away from the office, a movement inspired and often implemented by Millennials.
With the leaps and bounds of technological progression, being chained to a cubicle in an office is no longer the only option available to workers, particularly in the tech industry.
“Remote working is becoming more popular,” says Ruan Adlem, business development manager of southern Africa for Jabra, Westcon-Comstor. “These days we can work from anywhere: a hotel, a coffee shop, from home. As long as you have connectivity, you might not even need to go into an office for meetings.”
Shifts in attitude towards employee autonomy, new ideas on doing business and, of course, technology, have all contributed to this evolution in work. Remote workers tend to be less stressed, more creative and ultimately companies benefit from having happier employees.
“A lot of people feel that staying in touch with the office can become an issue,” says Adlem. “Jabra’s solutions are centred around cordless and corded headsets that can work via Bluetooth as well as highly sophisticated speakerphones that let you have your meeting anywhere with connectivity.”
With remote working becoming more main-stream, remote communication has come into the spotlight. Meetings-on-the-go can be challenging, however, Jabra’s state of the art technology has gone into creating speakerphones that have omnidirectional microphones with HiFi grade speakers — perfect for hearing everything clearly.
“You can have up to six people around the speakerphones and still have great clarity of sound,” Adlem explains. “And Jabra provides portable solutions so it’s a case of taking your conference room with you wherever you go. You don’t have to be out of touch if you work remotely.”
Jabra’s headsets, like the Jabra Evolve 65, are wireless, giving the user freedom of movement, allowing them to stay focused on what they are doing and keep them connected. With Jabra’s noise cancelling technology, the din of a busy coffee shop or airport is no longer a problem ensuring that the user can hear, and just as importantly, be heard.
The days of stale pastries and lukewarm coffee around conference tables are coming to an end, if the popularity of remote working is anything to go by.
“With the technology we have, and with the headsets and speakerphones available from Jabra, you can collaborate anywhere and with anyone in any part of the world. Quality of life has become just as important as earning an income. The future of remote working is an exciting one,” ends Adlem.