Tier one telecommunications provider BitCo Telecoms gives insights for businesses on the importance of a fast Internet speed.
Results from the recent comparative ISP speed test conducted by MyBroadband reveal that South Africa’s average download speed is 11,75Mbps, and the average upload speed is 6,9Mbps.

As a business owner, this is the type of information deserving of your attention, but you may ask why you should care?

Well, we’ve all heard the adage that “time is money”, and when it comes to doing business digitally, your internet speeds can have a palpable effect on your bottom line.

You need to future-proof your business with high-speed internet if you hope to remain competitive and keep your business afloat.

Your Internet service provider (ISP) is supposed to help drive your business profits, instead of draining them with delays and downtime — the source of many hours of lost productivity.

As we progress into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, employees and clients can easily upload and share vast files via the cloud, interact through online conferencing, and utilise a thousand other digital functions designed to make work more efficient.

But your Internet speed affects how effective these tools are for you. For example, uploading video content to a website requires a higher upload speed. This matters as video has become a major marketing and sales conversion tool. It’s also expected to drive 74% of all internet traffic in 2018.

Ensure that your business is not left behind or financially drained by your ISP — check your business needs and get the Internet solution that supports and builds your organisation.