Women receive more unwanted calls, and report them, than men do.
This is according to results from Truecaller Insights. The study shows that, when a woman receives an unwanted call or SMS, she is more likely to try and help other people avoid the harasser by reporting the number to Truecaller.

In some regions, like South Africa, women are receiving 6% more spam calls than men and reporting 4% more spam calls as well.

South Africa is one of the top five spam-plagued countries in the world, with the majority of these calls coming from telemarketing (39%), financial (24%) and insurance (13%) companies.

Truecaller also found that in some countries men receive more spam calls than women, but women take more action to report more unwanted calls than men. For example, men in Kenya receive 15% more unwanted calls than women monthly, but women report 11% more unwanted calls than men.