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Sxuirrel, the free mobile app is now available for Android as well as iOS devices.

Available on in the South African market, Sxuirrel helps connect people who need space with people who have space to offer through a simple-to-use app.

Sxuirrel’s developers have created a peer-to-peer market place that brings together hosts and guests from within a community, to create local and flexible space finding solutions.

The iOS version has been available to Apple users since 2017 and the Android version is now available for download from the Playstore.

“This is our first version of the Android app, even though the iOS app has been live for some time,” says Michael-john Dippenaar, Sxuirrel’s chief executive. “As developers we have done our best to produce the best possible app but we will be doing regular updates based on the user feedback that we receive.

“Sxuirrel is built on the concept of community and so we invite all our users to rate and comment on the app so that we can work towards the best possible product.

“We’re extremely excited to be launching the much anticipated Android app as we believe this will not only provide our current users with a better overall experience when using the Sxuirrel platform, but we’re opening doors for the community through complete platform diversification, (iOS, web and Android) to connect instantly, and either find space which was previously unavailable, or turn unused space into cash.”

Sxuirrel allows users to list three types of space: storage space, parking space – and soon-to-be-added eventing space in the form of venues.

The incentive that Sxuirrel offers to the users with extra space to offer is the opportunity to turn space into an income stream. Anyone with extra space in their home or garage, unused parking and eventing space (coming soon) can register on the app and list your space for a fee.

Those who need it will find the listing when searching for storage space on the app.

The app allow users to search through the listings based on location, after which you can filter results according to price, size and additional features. “Our goal to provide users with flexibility through booking only the space you actually need – as opposed to the entire listing – and only for the duration you need, it,” Dippenaar explains.

There is no sign-up or listing fee and Sxuirrel only takes a percentage-based commission on transactions.

Dippenaar says the company has implemented safety measures to ensure a safe and uncompromised user experience. “Our team monitors listings and interactions on the app for reports of harmful content with a built-in messaging system backed up by 24-hour support. The app also has a built in peer-to-peer review system and all payments are through the 3D-Secure platform.

“The team personally vets all hosts listed on the app as we aim to build a safe environment for users to organically and authentically engage with each other when advertising and seeking space. And, just to make sure that users are covered we also offer The Sxuirrel Guarantee which covers users should anything go wrong.”

Sxuirrel’s footprint currently includes Stellenbosch, Cape Town and Gauteng, but Dippennar says it s focused on nationwide expansion.

“Our goal is to become a brand that is synonymous with finding space. We aspire to redefine how the community will share space in the future, and believe in a more connected, sharing-based, future economic model of using different spaces,” Dippenaar says.

In the future Sxuirrel will be enhancing functionality for adding more images, extra security and validation, insurance options and external services within the app such as pick-up and delivery services. Sxuirrel’s events venue booking functionality will also be launched by the end of 2018.