Riverbed Technology, the performance company, has announced that it has closed its acquisition of OPNET Technologies. Through this acquisition, Riverbed is now the leader in the converging application and network performance management markets.
The Riverbed Cascade business unit and OPNET will be combined into the new Riverbed Performance Management business unit and will be led by GM Paul Brady.
The OPNET acquisition builds on Riverbed’s strong heritage and experience in delivering solutions that improve the performance of technology for business. OPNET has built its success on application performance management (APM) and is recognised by a leading analyst firm as a leader in the magic quadrant for APM.
By combining market-leading APM with leading-edge network performance management (NPM), Riverbed is now able to offer customers performance management solutions that diagnose both application and infrastructure issues.
Whether the problem is server, application, or network-based; in a virtual, physical or cloud infrastructure; or, using mobile or fixed clients, Riverbed performance management solutions will help application and infrastructure teams identify the problem and deliver actionable insight for solving the issue.
“Customer satisfaction, employee productivity, business agility, and the bottom line all hinge on business-critical applications working as expected,” says Jerry Kennelly, chairman and CEO at Riverbed.
“The application and the underlying infrastructure on which it runs are tightly coupled, but previously were managed in fragmented technology silos.
“Through the OPNET acquisition, Riverbed is the only company that provides customers with the solutions needed to manage and optimise all aspects of both application and network performance in a single portfolio of products, ensuring high performance, very fast problem resolution, and an enhanced end-user experience.”
Organisations that deploy Riverbed performance management solutions in concert with Riverbed optimisation and acceleration technologies will benefit by not only diagnosing and troubleshooting performance issues, but will also have the solutions within their infrastructure to remediate them.
Riverbed is the only company that offers organisations of all sizes solutions focused explicitly on improving application performance by diagnosing and resolving performance issues, regardless of endpoint or application type.
Applications and user experience are at the heart of what IT delivers. However, IT organisations are challenged to truly measure application performance and provide a consistent and reliable user experience.
Problems in any component of application delivery can impact performance and without a comprehensive and integrated performance management solution, problem identification and resolution are slow and difficult.
In addition, IT teams often lack the tools, expertise, and time required to turn the vast amounts of raw data they receive into actionable insight. To speed problem resolution, IT teams across functions need solutions that deliver performance data relevant to their roles.
Riverbed Performance Management will allow IT organisations to:
* Collect the complete performance picture – by gathering all necessary performance data, such as end-user experience, clients, servers, application code, database and network, across diverse technologies and deployment models, such as cloud, Web, Java, .NET, virtualisation, wide area network (WAN) optimisation, and software-defined data centres (SDDC).
* Automate analysis and expertise with analytics – turning raw performance data into actionable intelligence to automate problem identification, business impact and root-cause analysis in realtime. Information and workflows are tailored to the needs of different audiences – application support teams, server management teams, network managers, database administrators and application developers.
* Communicate broadly and effectively – providing business-focused dashboards to triage issues according to business importance. Detailed and flexible reporting enables the communication of critical performance information among all IT teams, as well as line of business managers.
“We are excited by the opportunity created by joining the Riverbed team,” says Marc Cohen, chairman and CEO of OPNET and senior VP, Riverbed Performance Management, Sales and Field Operations at Riverbed.
“In addition to joining a world-class technology company that has a clear vision of the importance of APM, we now have the opportunity to bring our market-leading APM solutions to the global Riverbed distribution channel.”