With the holiday season upon user, there is no excuse not to implement a backup plan for all photos, videos, and other important digital documents. While keeping data on a USB storage drive is handy, it is not the most secure way to store it. Physical backup devices are prone to damage or theft and should always be accompanied by an off-site backup solution to ensure data is always secure.
, a South African based cloud-storage start up, has announced its new service offering giving customers 1,5Tb of cloud storage space for only $9.95 (about R85). With a 30-day money back guarantee, Snapdisk offers one of the most comprehensive backup solutions to ensure important documents are securely stored online.
Unlike other data sync services currently available online, Snapdisk offers lifetime backups and archiving of important data.
“Imagine an online vault dedicated to securing your important documents and precious memories, this is what Snapdisk is all about. It is a secure online space allowing each user to keep backup copies of any data they choose to keep safe,” says Shaun Adler, co-founder of Motillion.
Snapdisk’s latest offering lets users backup an unlimited number of computers using up to 1Tb of secure backup storage, and users can synchronise files between various devices using an additional 500Gb of dedicated sync storage space.
That’s 1,5Tb of cloud storage space allowing users to protect all their files, sync them between computers, share them with friends and family, or access them from anywhere via the Web site
“Snapdisk was developed to give users a cost-effective and secure backup service that offers them all the features they could want from storing data securely on the cloud and it is as easy to use as any USB storage device,” adds Adler.
Whether users want to run a digitally-efficient business or simply keep personal backup files secure, Snapdisk’s 1,5Tb of cloud storage will ensure that users have enough space to keep all precious data safe. Moreover, the Snapdisk software gives users full control over backups and configuration of bandwidth usage.
“We wanted a cloud storage service that caters to the demands of a modern, digital, lifestyle. Not only do we offer one of the biggest storage caps around, we are also working on feature updates that will further expand Snapdisk’s functionality beyond cloud backup,” says Adler.
Enjoy unlimited access to work files, music, photos and videos via any Internet-enabled device. Add, edit or delete files directly from the Web and Snapdisk will automatically sync files to the cloud. It is 100% safe, 100% secure and always accessible.
Key features include:
* 1Tb backup storage space;
* 500Gb of sync storage space;
* Total combined storage of 1,5Tb;
* All-in-one simple package;
* Only one piece of software to install;
* FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access to Sync Storage; and
* Completely safe and secure.