Local company sustainableIT has been named the runner-up in the International Tech Trailblazers awards.
These awards were designed specifically for tech start-ups and not only recognise innovation but also proactively help companies to grow their businesses with exclusive coaching, mentoring and development services worth several hundred thousand rands.
sustainableIT, a market leader in the field of green ICT and sustainable computing in South Africa, had been shortlisted in two categories, Sustainable IT and Emerging Markets, and eventually walked away with the runner-up award in the Sustainable IT category.
The company offers technology solutions and consulting services to organisations either embarking upon a carbon reduction strategy or wishing to run their IT departments more efficiently in terms of energy consumption and manpower.
The founding directors, Tim James and Teresa Legg, say that they are not only extremely pleased about the award but also about the recognition it has generated for sustainable IT initiatives in South Africa.
“It’s about more than the so-called ‘green IT’ movement,” says James.
“Sustainable IT has much broader connotations focusing on the delivery of a consistent and sustainable IT service, reducing costs and in many instances reducing emissions as well.
“Sustainable IT seeks to root out waste in an organisation which can take many forms including people, infrastructure, licensing and energy waste. We need companies to take note of the impact such initiatives can have on their business, particularly in light of our energy crisis and the current global economic downturn.”
Rose Ross, chief Trailblazer, has sent her congratulations to sustainableIT and other runners-up of the awards.
“We were truly impressed by the ingenuity shown in the entries, Prezis and YouTube videos. Winners and runners-up of this year’s Tech Trailblazers Awards are some of the most inventive and visionary enterprise tech startups in the world today. I’m sure we will be hearing more from them all in the future.”