XDSL, a local Internet service Provider (ISP), has announced the immediate availability of South Africa’s first super fast broadband fibre offering. With speeds of 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps available, more than 10Mbps faster than existing options, XDSL is meeting customer demand for more capacity and more speed to keep up with ever evolving technology in an always-on, always connected business environment.
“As more and more applications and services move into the cloud and the volumes of data that need to be uploaded and downloaded increase, the demand for data capacity and speed is continuing to grow. Hosted services too are gaining traction, another area that relies on stable, high-speed connectivity.
“XDSL is meeting this demand head-on with a range of affordable, super fast, stable broadband fibre offerings which allow for high speed upload and download to enable organisations to take full advantage of both cloud and hosted offerings,” explains Danie Fourie, director at XDSL.
“Broadband fibre offers realtime, synchronous and low latency connectivity, ideal for IP services including VoIP, hosted PBX and a range of other technologies. By offering speeds of between 25Mbps and 100Mbps we are opening up the market to a range of solutions and services.
“By utilising fibre optic cable rather than copper, our broadband fibre offering also ensures that cable theft, signal deterioration and latency issues are no longer a problem, and that connectivity can be established at greater distances from the exchange,” he adds.
XDSL’s high-speed broadband fibre offering will be delivered as a contended service in order to ensure maximum capacity utilisation and optimised cost. XDSL guarantees a maximum of 10 to one contention ratio with minimum levels of 70% of advertised speeds at all times. With these contention rates however, users can expect an average of up to 90% effective speeds.
Pricing on the solutions varies depending on the broadband speed required, the availability of last mile connectivity as well as the operator fibre in use for the last mile.
Metro Fibre pricing excluding VAT:
* 25Mbps – R15 500 per month; and
* 50Mbps – R27 250 per month.
Metro Ethernet pricing excluding VAT:
* 25Mbps – R21 950 per month;
* 50Mbps – R37 150 per month; and
* 100Mbps – R64 370 per month.
“Our high-speed broadband offering is ideal for any business with high data traffic and capacity requirements, from large corporates to smaller and medium enterprises. The reality is that demand for traffic continues to grow and we are catering to this demand with our new offering. We will also still be offering 15Mbps and lower broadband to cater to the needs of a less bandwidth-intensive market,” Fourie concludes.
XDSL’s 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps broadband offerings are available immediately.