Hisense has unveiled its highly-anticipated U-LED TV at CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition.
Building on the LED display, U-LED achieves unprecedented display effects through software and hardware optimisation, delivering better contrast, wider colour gamut, higher definition and faster speed.
At the expo, journalists found that U-LED far outperforms LED in terms of dark field, image quality and colour gamut when displaying the same content.
New products on display at the 2013 CES confirmed the overall acceptance and industry wide move towards TVs that are increasingly widescreen and HD as well as application systems-intelligent.
Considering the inability of large-scale commercialisation of super-HD OLED and UHD TVs due to the high prices, Hisense’s U-LED can match OLED TVs in terms of quality at a price only slightly higher than a LED TV’s.
Following the 2013 CES, Hisense’s U-LED will be available in Central America to meet demands of high-end users.
Hisense’s U-LED TV is expected to be honoured with the Display Technology Innovation Award for Year 2012 at CES.