Although the demand for laptops during the first quarter of 2013 is expected to be down, The Notebook Company is predicting that its revenue will remain the same for the first quarter of the year, in comparison to the same quarter last year.
This is according to Christopher Riley, MD of The Notebook Company, who says the maintenance of its revenue will be made possible due to the “sustained interest” in tablets, especially the Apple iPad range. While The Notebook Company is not an official supplier of Apple iPads, it is one of the country’s largest sellers of the world-leading tablet range.
“We sell a range of leading laptop brands, such as Samsung, Asus and HP, but we are expecting a slowdown in sales due to the lingering effects of the recession and possible overspending by consumers over the festive season. While Q1 is not expected to be a bumper quarter for us, we do not expect a drop in sales at this stage, with revenue expected to improve during the second quarter,” says Riley.
He says there is also an increasing demand for accessories as a growing number of users “go mobile” and are looking for betters ways to harness mobile apps.
“We offer a full range of accessories for laptops and tablets and we are expecting to see an increase in sales in this department during the first quarter. Accessories generally don’t have a material affect on overall sales, but during the past two years this has shifted somewhat and their input is certainly playing a bigger role.”