Samsung Electronics has released the Smart TV SDK (software development kit) 4.0 at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas recently. The Smart TV SDK will allow Smart TV software development on Linux and Mac, in addition to Windows OS. 
Up until now, Samsung’s Smart TV software development only supported Windows OS. The new SDK 4.0 allows for the development of Smart TV software within Linux and Mac environments. This is expected to lead to active development of Smart TV software in some areas where non-Windows OS is widely used.
Samsung is the first in the TV industry to provide a local cloud development environment. This environment enables the development of content based on connection between Web services by utilising an open API (application programming interface).
Moreover, Smart TV SDK 4.0 provides a local cloud development environment that allows developers who use the Mac OS to team up with other developers who use Windows OS. As a result, many developers can engage in a team effort, resulting in greater software development efficiency and reduced costs.
By expanding and supporting HTML5 in the Smart TV SDK 4.0, a standard programming language, Samsung has laid the foundation for many software developers to easily take part in development of Smart TV applications.
With HTML5, Samsung has been able to build an integrated environment that supports the development of convergence applications. This enables Samsung’s Smart TVs to interact and communicate with external devices.
And to promote the active development of Smart TV software through Samsung’s Smart Interaction function, the company strengthened the voice and gesture recognition functions on its Smart TVs.
“Samsung have been making continued efforts to build an ecosystem where software developers from across the globe can more easily develop Smart TV software and applications.. The creative ideas of developers and innovative features of Samsung Smart TVs will come together to offer optimal Smart TV experiences to customers,” says Justin Shaw, business leader of Visual Display at Samsung Electronics South Africa.