The year ahead will see a greater update of new mobile devices, particularly those powered by Microsoft Windows 8 OS. This is one of several key trends that will impact the domestic ICT space this year.
This is according to Aldo van Tonder, solutions executive at Dac Systems, who says this game-changing trend will be fuelled by the fact that this trusted OS will make access to enterprise information and systems more accessible, and make the workforce more mobile.
“Mobility also does not mean less functionality. Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 RT provide respectively all the key elements required to use when mobile. The uptake of these devices and operating system will change the way people think about their workforce,” he explains.
Perception and perspective are critical components of ICT strategies put in place by decision makers this year. Leadership at Dac Systems says it is important to review the whole picture when determining the status of the domestic technology market, in comparison to those abroad.
“In terms of the adoption of technologies, we are not behind developed markets,” Van Tonder continues. “We have found that many customers waited ages for ‘service pack one’ and the like before taking the plunge into new technology. With vendors like Microsoft getting users involved quicker in the release cycles of their software, this ‘waiting’ has been eliminated.
“The flip side of the coin is that in terms of the adoption of new devices, the local market still trails global counterparts,” Van Tonder says.
“We see loads of people standing queue internationally to get the latest and greatest devices but unfortunately South Africa is still way behind in global releases. We typically only receive the latest devices months after international releases and this prohibits us sometimes.”
Van Tonder agrees with analysts who have predicted the increase in relevance and impact of unified communications, BYOD, consumerisation of IT and social media this year.
He suggests that whilst there is certain value to be derived by businesses through the careful and regulated application of social networking and social media, many decision makers abstain from making this resource available or utilising it in business.
He also believes 2013 will be the year that more services and companies are differentiated by their ability to incorporate social media, leveraging on the power of technology to increase productivity and enhance operations.
As far as market consolidation is concerned, Van Tonder believes there will be some activity, but it will take time because of the slow adoption ratio.
“We anticipate a very busy, challenging and engaging year ahead,” he adds.