If users reflects on the progress made within the projects and portfolio management space, and the level of development and integration of solutions, it is clear that this area of ICT is set to play an increasingly important role in revenue generation and business growth, says Marnus Viljoen, chief technology officer at FOXit.
Management within most businesses, across many industries and sectors, understand that business strategy will determine the ability for any business to compete in a tight market – and project management lies at the heart of effective business strategy.
Cost reduction, improved performance and increasing productivity are fundamentals to any credible strategy. These remain critical considerations as businesses look for more cost effective methods to streamline processes and procedures related to PPM. Saving and fiscal reform remains central objectives.
It is encouraging to note the increase in levels of awareness around project management and how best to apply this discipline in business to up performance.
One of the key factors going forward, for decision makers, is to apply resources to boost operations. To do this, there is likely to be more interest in establishing relationships with experienced service providers. These service providers will have to have the necessary skills and expertise to add value.
In the next twelve months there will be more emphasis on the relevance and inherent qualities of Microsoft-based technologies including EPM and SharePoint management, administration and implementation.
Training will be imperative to the successful implementation and application of projects – irrespective of the size and focus of the business.
In 2013 the maturity of the industry will come to the fore as more businesses realise what constitutes a successful project and what are the factors that can cause failure.
There is every reason to believe that concepts such as agile project management will dominate the space next year.
Decision makers, in association with their consultants and service providers, will delve into the very fabric of successful project management planning and functionality. They will extract core advantages and benefits from systems to enhance operations and thereby increase their ability to compete.
If this scenario does begin to unfold, it is expected that the small-to-medium segment of the market will experience significant growth. It will emerge as a force to be reckoned with across the broader market.
Looking at the overall picture of enterprise project and portfolio management, incorporating technology and best practices, 2013 is going to be a definitive year for this space. Those who embark on strategic programmes and enforce effective training and skills development will certainly benefit.