QlikTech, a leader in user-driven business intelligence (BI), and Attivio have announced a partnership to give customers the ability to combine QlikView in-memory data with Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) via QlikView Direct Discovery.
QlikTech and Attivio have collaborated to test and validate Direct Discovery with Attivio’s AIE to leverage AIE’s capabilities of unifying the variety of big data information to give business users a full understanding of not just what has happened, but also why.
By combining the power of QlikView and AIE, customers can integrate, correlate and analyse structured, unstructured and semi-structured information faster and easier than ever before.
The AIE solution is now available on QlikMarket, QlikTech’s recently launched Web marketplace.
“QlikView is committed to simplifying the way business users access and utilise information,” says QlikTech chief technology officer, Anthony Deighton.
“The speed with which big data is evolving requires constant, cutting-edge innovation. Attivio is able to join multiple content and data sources so companies can develop new analysis methods that span information silos, and gain insight that is often missed by other systems.”
Through the combined capabilities of QlikView Direct Discovery and Attivio AIE’s unified information access, users no longer need to download large data sources into memory.
QlikView can directly access unstructured and structured information from the Attivio AIE engine and display results in a QlikView visualisation or dashboard.
Specific business benefits of the Attivio and QlikView integration include:
* Financial services – reduce operational costs and streamline processes; gain visibility into transactions and optimise processing life cycles; increase effectiveness of risk and compliance initiatives; better analyse customer behaviours; and maximise investment returns and portfolio performance.
* Government/military – integrate, access and share information sourced from multiple disparate systems, databases and repositories that typically do not communicate readily with one another; improve information flow; and shorten critical timelines and provide an affordable migration path to meet future requirements.
* Life sciences – make faster, better business and clinical decisions; shorten discovery-to-commercialisation product cycles; improve physician feedback to manufacturers; and reduce the time and cost of regulatory compliance.
* Manufacturing, retail and e-business – analyse retail sales from an unlimited number of sources of transactional data and unstructured information; collaborate with suppliers and partners more transparently; and empower front-line staff to anticipate and resolve customer needs quickly.
“Data on its own provides an incomplete picture of what’s going on in a business because it excludes the insights that are locked away in the 85% or more of enterprise information that’s actually created by humans – e-mails, collaboration tools, documents, call centre logs, open-ended surveys and PDFs,” says Sid Probstein, chief technology officer at Attivio.
“The QlikView Attivio integration takes big data exploration, analysis and usage to a new level and makes answering ‘what’ and ‘why’ business questions a lot easier.”