Positioned as the latest development in WiFi innovation, Enterasys Networks has launched a new WiFi solution designed to address key industry requirements, including scalability, visibility, security and application performance.
Dubbed Enterasys IdentiFi, the solution forms part of the company’s integrated wired and wireless OneFabric Edge architecture and includes a new range of access points, controllers and management software.
“IdentiFi enables organisations to manage and control today’s influx of wireless devices resulting from BYOD and enterprise mobility initiatives,” says Martin May, regional director, Enterasys Networks.
“It provides an exceptional user experience in modern ‘hyper-dense’ WiFi environments – such as large sporting events – which can include tens or even hundreds of thousands of users in a relatively confined area.”
According to May, WiFi is becoming the primary access network in many organisations.
“Increasingly, users are demanding that their mobile networks rival the reliability and quality of experience of a wired Ethernet connection. A WiFi solution meeting these challenges today must provide a unified wired/wireless view into network management, along with robust support for BYOD.”
He says that through seamless integration with IdentiFi, Enterasys is now in a position to deliver advanced, realtime analytics for integrated wired and wireless networks through its Mobile IAM solution.
“For more than a decade, Enterasys has enabled thousands of its customers worldwide to implement leading-edge mobility solutions.
“Now, with the release of IdentiFi, Enterasys will continue to outpace the industry while delivering the best value and customer experience,” he adds.
Enterasys IdentiFi includes the following:
* IdentiFi 3700 Series Access Points – purpose-built to meet the security, reliability, density and availability targets required for the high, on-demand traffic of mobile and BYOD users, they are designed to deliver wired-like performance and easy deployment.
* IdentiFi Controllers provide high availability and capacity together with enterprise-grade wireless performance.
* IdentiFi Radar RF Management and Security provides spectrum analysis, location awareness and security features.
* OneFabric Control Centre provides centralised, policy-driven, “single-pane of glass” management for both wired and wireless networks.
* Enterasys IdentiFi and other Enterasys Networks offerings are distributed exclusively in South Africa by Duxbury Networking.