The mining sector faces stringent governance and regulatory issues all of which are designed to keep its systems and processes in check. It is against this backdrop that more and more mining customers are turning to Quintica and the BMC platform it provides to ensure that its IT service desks are able to meet these requirements. 
The vast majority of mining companies are listed entities that need to report to shareholders and over reaching governance bodies, it is with this that they need technology solutions that not only work for them but that also encourage transparency into their processes as well as the flexibility to grow with the business and meet changing demands.
According to local technology and consulting specialists, Quintica, it is these very reasons that continue to make the BMC ITSM (IT service management) platform a viable and attractive offering for customers in the mining sector.
“The mining sector faces unique challenges in that every process they follow and every project they work on needs to be done to exacting standards, and where necessary, need to be reported on.
“By making use of the BMC technology offerings they are able to achieve consistency in their business processes, improve service delivery across multiple sites and branches, as well as improve the productivity of IT staff,” states Kerry Evans, MD at Quintica.
To highlight this fact, Quintica is working with its mining customers to assist them in better managing change requests, meeting SLAs, answering internal and external customer queries, handling issue resolution, as well as better understanding the systems, platforms and equipment they have in their IT environments, all of which is being done through the BMC platform.
Organisations in the mining sector are also hard pressed to look for ways in which to reduce costs in the face of a massive economic downturn, which has led many of them to investigate the use of cloud computing solutions in their business.
According to Evans, the BMC platform enables them to perform all of the aforementioned tasks in the cloud, which in turn has dramatically reduced infrastructure costs and delivery times for those customers taking advantage of cloud computing technologies.
“When tapping into the power of an ITSM system such as BMC we have seen our mining customers better manage governance requirements with particular reference to change requests and drive down incidents and improve problem resolution. Whether they are building a simple IT Service Desk or unifying their IT operations, we have seen great success in this sector with the use of the BMC application,” adds Evans.
With ITIL at the heart of the BMC software suite, customers are also assured of a proved methodology that will ensure that all actions resulting from the ITSM meet with regulatory, governance and industry best practice standards and procedures.