Argility, the specialist developer of retail solutions, has launched Argility Single Customer View. Based on the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) criteria, the solution creates a single source of customer data to improve marketing and service delivery.
ARTS is an international organisation aiming to reduce the cost of technology by developing and maintaining industry standards.
Customer information has always been a key success factor for retailers. Retailers in possession of in-depth understanding of customers and their purchasing patterns are powerfully positioned to develop better services which in turn enables them to engage and hold the consumers attention.
However, retailers face a significant challenge in that today’s connected customers are much more demanding and much less loyal than before. The Accenture 2011 Global Consumer Research Study, for example, found that only one in four consumers feel “very loyal” to providers of products and services, while 44% of respondents say their expectations were higher than they were just a year ago.
“Information is the retailer’s greatest resource in the battle for the customer,” observes Jon Jacobson, Argility’s head of omni-channel commerce.
“But the sheer volume of information and its disparate sources pose a significant challenge. That’s precisely the problem that Argility Single Customer View solves, consolidating information from all sources, including the increasingly important mobile channel – into a single view.”
This single view, Jacobson explains, gives executives a 360-degree understanding of customers’ purchasing patterns – and thus the opportunity to engage with them in a way that fosters loyalty and promotes spending.
Argility Single Customer View creates a central customer data store that consolidates information from all channels. It then segments the information, performs sophisticated analytics and enables data mining. And because Argility Single Customer View automates the process, time-consuming and inaccurate manual data capture becomes a thing of the past.
“Customer data is your most valuable business asset – if you can use it effectively. Argility Single Customer View allows companies to turn this potential into pure gold,” Jacobson concludes.