IBM recently announced that as a part of their Global Skills Initiative, which is aimed at accelerating the growth of skills and the adoption of IBM solutions in the global marketplace, they will be enabling a worldwide Training Partner Network uniquely positioned to market, sell and deliver IBM software and systems training on a broader and more diverse scale. 
ICT Worx has formally been appointed the first IBM authorised training partner in South Africa under the global new model. Effective from January 2013, IBM’s authorised training partners will deliver training to clients directly utilising original IBM developed training materials.
“ICT Worx is well equipped to take on this approach to training the market on IBM technologies. We already have vast experience in the training arena and have been offering IBM training since 2006,” says Frans Sadie, MD ICT Worx.
Together with its authorised training partners, IBM will transform its training business into a new model of education excellence.
Key objectives of this initiative are to:
* Provide clients high-quality training essential for successful design, deployment, management and support of IBM solutions;
* Help clients meet the dynamic challenges of today’s business environment with a well-trained IT staff and skilled end-user community;
* Make foundational level learning material widely available to students through innovative delivery mechanisms; and
* Help increase the productivity of client’s employees.