Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has announced the release of its SmartStruxure solution, which maximises building efficiency and reduces operating costs across the entire lifecycle of a facility.
The SmartStruxure solution integrates customised hardware, software, engineering, installation and services to ensure our customers’ facilities are energy-efficient and effectively managed.
“People who design, own or manage buildings today face a number of challenges, including a sluggish economy, tighter regulatory requirements, aging equipment and rising energy costs,” says Artur Socha, building management system (BMS) product manager, Schneider Electric South Africa.
“To stay competitive, their buildings need to do more with less.”
The SmartStruxure solution breaks down traditional information silos and delivers integrated building information and realtime data via Web access, powerful graphics and trend visualisations, rich reports, and mobile applications to ensure buildings are running at maximum efficiency.
“Our SmartStruxure solution provides benefits across the spectrum of building stakeholders – architects and engineers save time and money with an integrated solution from a trusted business partner.
“Building owners and managers get a robust platform that is scalable and easy to use. Business executives have instant access to energy and sustainability metrics, enabling them to better make decisions and control costs, and occupants enjoy a safe, comfortable environment,” says Socha.
The SmartStruxure solution is powered by StruxureWare Building Operation software, which provides integrated monitoring, control, and management of HVAC, energy, lighting, and other critical building systems.
Additionally, this application will connect easily to other StruxureWare software within suites, developed to address the unique needs of key market segments.
Supported by EcoStruxure Web Services, the suites will unify key software applications across all levels of an enterprise, providing a scalable platform, easy integration with legacy and third-party systems, and a consistent user experience. StruxureWare software delivers the right information to the right person, anytime, anywhere.
Key features of StruxureWare Building Operation include:
Support for multilingual buildings with the following architectures as native protocols: BACnet; LonWorks; and Modbus;
* New level of scalability – from a small area in a building to a global enterprise;
* All systems, regardless of size, have the same robust feature set;
* IT-friendly and able to withstand the most malicious attacks on the IP network;
* Broad range of hardware modules to meet customer requirements;
User-friendly with customisable workspaces, amazing graphics capabilities, out-of-the-box reporting functionality, and robust online help;
* Easy to install – modules are hot swappable and plug and play; and
Both backward compatible and forward thinking – will work with existing field devices while supporting future growth.
The most important benefit of StruxureWare software is the ability for users to combine the management of their power, data centres, process and controls, building management and security onto one seamless system through the SmartStruxure solution – reducing energy consumption by up to 30%.
The SmartStruxure solution represents the building management domain of expertise in the larger Schneider Electric EcoStruxure solution architecture.
Introduced in 2009, an EcoStruxure architecture connects five domains of expertise – power, data centres, process and machines, building management, and physical security – within an open and flexible technology architecture that delivers significant savings on capex and opex.