Amid a host of competitors in the market, one fax brand stands out with its powerful and unique on-demand services: Faxster from Vox Telecom.
Faxster, the full corporate version, has a complete range of features that strongly differentiate it in the market at no extra cost, says Craig Freer of Vox Telecom.
Highlights include:
* S
upport forĀ all in-bound numbers including 0865/6, ported numbers and geographic numbers;
* It links to MFPs to send faxes from print originals or receive them in print;
* It has intelligent fax routing based on content;
* Enterprise application integration, send from back-office applications;
* BulkFax means it can merge variable data into standard fax;
* It allows archival in accordance with retention rules; and
* It provides fax movement history and system audit trails.
Faxster Lite, the free fax-to-e-mail service, blows the competition out of the water with its unique searchable fax feature, says Freer.
Inbound faxes (0865/6 numbers only) are read into the Faxster database with the aid of an OCR (optical character recognition) engine, stored and indexed.
Finding faxes is now as easy as finding e-mails, says Freer.
Freer says fax is central to corporate information exchange. Fax still remains the most effective option for delivering critical documents such as purchase orders, invoices, statements and application forms. Fax is a secure point-to-point solution that is universal, traceable (it has an audit trail) and cost effective.
Faxster is easy to get with the minimum of fuss, he adds. With Faxster Lite it is as simple as upgrading to the new offering. Getting the full version only requires an upgrade and a minimum billing review. There is no change to outbound rates.