FrontRange is pleased to announce the general availability of HEAT 9.6. The release delivers major enhancements, including Web-based Managers Monitor and Mobile Field Support. The product has been available to all customers and partners as of Monday, 21 January.
HEAT Mangers Monitor is a Web-based dashboard reporting tool that delivers at-a-glance insights into the health and performance of the service desk.
This new functionality provides managers and executives with anytime anywhere access to role-based specific information using multitude of browsers. The interactive, threshold-based dashboards also allow managers to monitor performance indicators as well as perform basic analytical tasks by drilling down into the underlying HEAT data.
The simple drag-and-drop user interface for customising and creating dashboards also allows end users to quickly construct their own reports.
Key features:
Visually appealing – provides at-a-glance view, with threshold-based colours and role-based dashboards;
* Completely Web-based, enabling anytime, anywhere access;
* Drag-and-drop interface – makes it easy for anyone to quickly create new metrics and dashboards;
* Flexible layout and formatting with multiple chat types;
* Dynamic realtime dashboards with configurable data refresh rate;
* Native integration with HEAT Call log system; drill down to call logging records and single sign on access to Call Logging Application; and
* Configurable metrics based on HEAT Call Groups; supports filtering and aggregation.
HEAT Mobile Field Service provides a powerful mobile interface for iPhone and iPad devices, offering access to relevant assignments, assets, incidents, customer data and data-logging functionality.
This provides agents in the field complete service desk functionality resulting in streamlined workflows and faster reported time to resolution. HEAT Mobile Field Service also supports instant data logging which means service calls are logged as they occur.
Key features:
Remotely manage incident and assignments;
* Easy access to customer information;
* Native application built for iPhone and iPad;
* Easy to use and understand interface; and 
* Configurable to meet business needs.