Mimecast, the leading supplier of cloud-based e-mail archiving, continuity and security for Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Exchange and Office 365, has announced that it has achieved significant market growth within the domestic software as a service (SaaS) environment. 
This announcement reinforces Mimecast’s position as South Africa’s primary provider of cloud-based e-mail security technology, with several value-added resellers (VARs) praising its Unified E-mail Management suite as the leading offering in its class.
Furthermore, enhancements made to Mimecast’s partner programme during the course of 2012 have seen the organisation’s VARs benefit significantly throughout the year, according to Bernadine Joaquim, regional channel manager for Mimecast South Africa.
“This year, we focused on improving relations with our channel partners by enhancing our annuity revenue, sales support and tiered offerings. We also introduced a new certification programme which is designed to equip our VARs with the knowledge required to truly understand Mimecast and the cloud environment – at no cost,” says Joaquim.
“Ultimately, this has served to strengthen our position within the SaaS space. As clients have become increasingly receptive and open to cloud-based services, we have been working more closely with our partners to broaden Mimecast’s influence.”
According to J2 Software MD, John McLoughlin, local attitudes towards SaaS and the cloud are rapidly changing.
“Three years ago, clients were wary to commit to putting data in the cloud. This can be attributed to a variety of factors – primarily a lack of understanding of the technology and the high cost associated with consistent connectivity.
“Today, businesses are far more willing to engage in a conversation around cloud services and Mimecast has stepped up to provide a reliable and innovative service offering which responds to the demand.”
As SaaS matures, so organisations have become less enthusiastic to invest in licensed software. For this reason, Mimecast is an obvious choice for clients seeking to eliminate risk and complexity from their e-mail environment without the requirement of significant capital expenditure, says Ello Technology CEO, Gary Cahay.
“No one really wants to own software any more. For clients and outsourced IT support organisations such as Ello Technology, it makes perfect sense to subscribe to an integrated offering such as Mimecast’s Unified E-mail Management in order to avoid expensive licensing costs, the time associated with regular software updates and unnecessary complexity within the data environment.”
Furthermore, clients have found Mimecast’s off-premise, 10-year e-mail archiving solution and uninterrupted delivery of communication particularly useful in the face of rising legislative expectations relating to the storage and retrieval of corporate information, says Pathways Outsourcing spokesperson, Bradley Geere.
“Mimecast’s archiving service offers an elegant solution for clients who are concerned about the secure storage of their internal communications. The failover which underpins Mimecast’s Unified E-mail Management has also proven particularly attractive.
“Internally, Mimecast has made it easier for our engineers to spend less time focusing on workarounds for our clients to send and receive e-mail and more time on the root cause of a problem, should one arise. It’s a fantastic solution.”
Significantly, one of the primary benefits associated with including Mimecast as a value added service within the SaaS space has been a growth in reputation says Netology MD, Darryl Maroun.
“Although our Mimecast partnership has been a financially lucrative one, the biggest benefit we’ve experienced is a marked growth in client trust. By equipping Netology with the tools required to swiftly expedite e-mail related requests and overcome continuity issues, customer confidence in our ability to offer a premium level of service has never been stronger.”