Fujitsu has released information about the development of its next-generation integrated point of service solution, which will for the first time enable retailers to introduce in-store access to a multi-channel customer experience including online, mobile and catalogue. 
Anticipated to deliver significant benefits in terms of customer service, front-office business process improvements and point-of-sale improvements to retailers, Fujitsu is aiming to provide retailers with full, realtime point of sale (POS) visibility of their complete inventory.
As customers embrace an increasingly multi-channel approach to shopping, retailers are in danger of losing the big picture and missing out on customer intimacy and upselling opportunities – because at the checkout today, retailers are limited to the information available at the in-store point of sale.
To solve this problem and enable truly multi-channel retail, Fujitsu, already highly ranked by independent analyst firm Forrester in its most recent retail report The Forrester Wave: Point of Service, Q2 2012, is developing a next generation point of service system.
Fujitsu’s current retail POS solution, GlobalSTORE software, is already a full-featured, customisable POS, cash management and back-office system, delivering a seamless customer experience across applications, devices and channels.
Fujitsu will build on this with its new-generation system. It will enable retailers to open up access to multiple sales channels such as buy online, pick-up in-store, and buy online, return in-store, as well as providing integration with SAP solutions.
With more than 30 years’ experience in the retail sector, Fujitsu works with more than 500 retailers across 82 000 stores worldwide to deliver end-to-end solutions that encompass not only the store, but also the related applications and infrastructure products and services. The main components of the Fujitsu Retail offering are presented next month at the EUROCIS 2013 show in Dusseldorf, Germany.
“We are developing an integrated global retail solution that is also tailored to regional needs, to provide significant benefits in terms of customer service and improve front-office business processes,” says Richard Clarke, VP, Global Retail Strategy at Fujitsu.
“Customers and retailers alike will love the powerful access to complete inventories, as this will help reduce abandoned sales and increase overall efficiency in managing stock. In future, store associates will be able to accept orders for out of stock items with confidence, knowing that inventory is available locally, thanks to realtime stock information.”