MWEB Business has opened a new, custom-designed data centre in Victory Park, Johannesburg, effectively doubling the company’s server hosting capacity. 
According to MWEB Business GM, Andre Joubert, the high-security building was constructed to accommodate the rapidly growing demand for the company’s hosted server and virtual hosted server solutions, particularly as more and more businesses take advantage of the benefits offered by cloud computing.
“The fact was that our existing data centre was unable to cope. Rather than try to expand it, we decided to design an entirely new centre from the ground up,” he says.
“We’ve incorporated a host of innovative, environmentally friendly features such as motion detection lighting, as well as a comfortable and well equipped area for clients should they wish to come in to the centre to work on their servers that we host for them.”
The new data centre houses two separate data centres – a high-capacity room; and a low-density room which offers a more affordable option to businesses requiring a secure, safe environment in which to house their rack or tower servers.
The entire building is subject to stringent security measures, ranging from biometric access control and video surveillance to automatic climate control monitoring and fire fighting systems.
“We also have sufficient redundant power capability to almost light a small village,” Joubert adds. “We believe that with this centre, MWEB Business will be able to meet the hosting requirements of our clients for many years to come.”