Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has introduced the OceanStor T Series from Huawei Technologies, a unified new-generation storage system encompassing entry-level, mid-range and high-end storage applications.
The OceanStor T Series of storage products supports both 16Gbps fibre channel (FC) and 12Gbps serial attached SCSI (SAS) interface specifications.
OceanStor T Series storage products take the lead in adopting the 16Gbps FC and 12Gbps SAS interface technologies in the industry. The new interface technologies double the bandwidth per channel between servers and storage devices, as well as between storage controllers and disk enclosures.

“The uptake in centralised virtualisation and cloud computing in the South African market requires faster connectivity options and data throughput as provided by FC and SAS interfaces,” says Raul Del Fabbro, storage division manager at DCC.
“With the T Series now offering a 16Gb FC host interface, higher performance and faster data transfer rates are guaranteed. The SAS interface has also evolved and 12Gbps improves the throughput within the system and to the connected host systems.”

The OceanStor T Series are compatible with  newer servers and switches that are currently available in South Africa and is ideally positioned to support high speed environments at a very competitive price. This will allow resellers the opportunity to aggressively target the SME market, and deliver a storage solution that is geared towards virtualisation and cloud markets as well.
The OceanStor T Series storage solutions feature a modular design, supporting hot swap components, RAID controller failover and load balancing.
Together, these technologies provide a storage infrastructure that provides performance, scalability and reliability to meet requirements for increasing data storage demands and continuous evolution of applications, configurations and capacities, ultimately maximising customers’ return on investment (ROI).
“The ability to support 16Gbps FC and 12Gbps SAS interface technologies is a milestone in the storage industry for the construction of enterprise-level data centres with high-speed storage.
“Through doubling the performance of Huawei’s storage products with the adoption of the interface technologies, Huawei OceanStor T Series storage products will be able to better support centralised virtualisation and cloud computing within enterprises,” says Fan Ruiqi, president of Huawei Storage Product Line.