Infor has announced an enhanced version of Infor Supply Chain Execution (SCE), to further reduce the complexity of warehousing and logistics management and clarify daily decision making. 
With more than 100 new core industry features, including mobile and voice enablement, visual metrics, and ION integration to ERP, Infor SCE helps provide a single, unified solution to meet warehousing, transportation, labour and 3PL billing needs.
As an end-to-end, easy-to-use solution, Infor SCE 10.2 unites the strategic, tactical and operational elements of supply chain execution, and empowers users to manage logistical needs. Infor SCE can be used across a wide array of industries including manufacturing, distribution, high tech, fashion, food and beverage, and 3PL.
Enhancements to Infor SCE include:
* Warehouse Director – SCE 10.2 features an innovative iPad app called Warehouse Director, which provides managers with a realtime view of warehousing activities from a simple and easy-to-use mobile platform. The app contains a colour-coded metrics panel to better visualise management of incoming and outgoing workloads.
The location panel is equipped with inventory heat maps and zoom-able overviews of the warehouse floor. These features let users monitor critical functions such as expected work volume, location queries and inventory information at a glance, while still maintaining the flexibility to work from a remote location.
* Voice activated control – SCE 10.2 is equipped with voice capabilities to allow users a hands-free approach for interaction within the supply chain. Operators are able to perform tasks such as picking, cycle management and replenishment using only voice-activated commands, adding a new level of control and convenience to enhance operational efficiency.
* Intuitive integration – Infor ION technology enables integration between Infor SCE and existing ERP solutions, providing users greater visibility and data exchange across Infor and non-Infor ERP systems.
* Global access – the latest iteration of Infor SCE is available in 10 languages, for customers in more than 40 different countries.
“Supply chain managers face the daily challenge of balancing critical warehouse functions, forcing them to remain onsite and monitoring a number of tracking solutions,” says Jane Thomson, MD at local Infor partner Softworx.
“With Infor SCE 10.2, managers can not only rely upon one solution to interface with supply chain, but they may also do so from a remote location through innovative mobile capabilities.”