Syncrony, a leading national provider of Web design and content management services, as well as tablet and phone apps, now manages and operates This is a local online store dedicated to providing consumers with discounted deals on a wide range of products. 
The store is an e-commerce facility through which consumers can select the product they want, facilitate a transaction and receive delivery. There is a R57.00 base delivery charge for delivery anywhere in South Africa.
Ontheinternet trades products ranging from toys to electronics to beauty products and “fun stuff”.
The product portfolio includes items that are readily available as well as those that would be considered unusual or more difficult to source.
“For example, people who are interested in purchasing a six-in-one educational robot kit can get exactly what they want through this virtual store,” explains Howard Rybko, CEO of Syncrony.
Each product featured includes details on the retail price, the price stipulated on the site and the difference in percentage discount and savings. There is also a deadline for how long the product will be available on the site.
Rybko says South African consumers continue to seek out channels through which they can source discounted goods and the Internet provides the ideal platform to acquire these goods.
“Technology is having a profound effect on the processes and procedures that runs throughout the retail sector. We are excited about the level of growth within domestic ecommerce. More than 1 400 orders have been delivered between October last year and New Year,” he adds.