Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev), bottler of the products of The Coca-Cola Company in the Western and Northern Cape, has reappointed Itec Innovate as its office automation service provider following a competitive tendering process.
The contract covers 30 multi-function products printing more than 265 000 pages a month and includes value-added services and solutions such as the Print Director print management solution, the Sentry remote monitoring software and the impactChoice environmental programme.
PenBev decided to reappoint Itec Innovate as its service provider based on its strong performance during its previous tenure, its broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) credentials, and its ability to address business issues such as environmental sustainability and cost optimisation with its solutions.
“When we considered the bids we received, we found that Itec Innovate offered us the best value in terms of its costing model. Given that we had been pleased with the company’s performance during the earlier contract, we were happy to reappoint Itec as our service provider,” says Vasi Vythilingam, IT service delivery manager at PenBev.
Vythilingam says that Itec Innovate’s pre-sales and after-sales support has been very good, reflecting the company’s high level of professionalism. In addition, Itec Innovate was the service provider that was best able to provide a solution for PenBev that would help it to work towards its environmental sustainability goals, which forms part of PenBev’s “Live for a Difference” campaign.
“Sustainability was one of the key conditions I looked for in a vendor,” he added. “Carbon emissions are a global problem, and one that we are hoping to make a small but important difference to as an organisation.”
Itec Group has an exclusive agreement with impactChoice that empowers dealers such as Itec Innovate to offer clients a simple and transparent program that will help them neutralise the environmental impact of their printers and copiers in a simple, auditable and sustainable manner.
Itec is the first office automation solutions provider in South Africa to offer sustainability solutions as a value added service to clients, and Itec Innovate, winner of the 2012 Itec-impactChoice Green Dealer Award, has been at the forefront of helping South African companies to implement impactChoice to make their document environments greener and more sustainable.
“PenBev has a mature understanding of the importance of rolling out business solutions in its office automation environment rather than simply buying the cheapest hardware and service contract,” says Itec Innovate MD, Mark McChlery. “It is the solutions and services we wrap around our products that really make the difference for our clients.”
For example, Itec solutions such as Print Director help companies to reduce waste and enhance efficiencies within their print environments by enforcing policies such as follow-me-printing and duplex printing, and by allowing them to track and prevent abuse and wastage of paper and consumables.
Itec Sentry, meanwhile, automates the reporting of service and maintenance issues so that Itec can manage these devices on behalf of its clients in a proactive manner. It measures Itec Innovate’s performance down to the second, making service levels completely transparent for PenBev.
And although there is no financial incentive yet for the implementation of greener technology solutions such as impactChoice, Itec is being forward looking by helping its clients to be ready for the inevitable introduction of carbon taxes in the future, McChlery says.
In the meantime, the benefit for companies that implement impactChoice is that they are doing the right thing and enhancing their reputations, he adds.