On the occasion of the centennial of Tibet’s proclamation of independence, the Tibetan Youth Association in Europe (TYAE) is approaching Google with an urgent demand: Tibetan places on Google Maps should be labelled in Tibetan script. 
To stop the disappearance of Tibetan cultural heritage, the TYAE launched the campaign forum http://www.tibetonthemap.com. The campaign is being supported by Hollywood actress Yangzom Brauen and Tibetan Associations worldwide.
Google Maps is the most important online map service worldwide, and the TYAE is calling on Google to officially adopt the Tibetan script for the maps alongside the English and Chinese place names.
Hollywood actress Brauen has Tibetan roots, and comments: “Our language, our script and our culture is disappearing bit by bit. A tragic loss for us and for Buddhist culture.”
“There are no precise maps on the Internet that are marked in Tibetan. Google could change this. Chinese, Cyrillic and Arabic scripts are already used on Google Maps. Why not Tibetan?” asks Tenzin Kelden Losinger-Namling, president of TYAE.