Nashua Mobile is proud to announce that its existing smartphone app is now also available for BlackBerry 10. Nashua Mobile developers worked closely with the BlackBerry smartphone developers to ensure that the app would be available at launch, aiming to provide customers with a great service experience on the BlackBerry 10 platform. The free-to-download app is available now from BlackBerry World. 
The app has been designed with the Nashua Mobile customer in mind. The central philosophy of “saving you time, saving you money, putting you first” has been the guiding principle in designing the app.
The app allows Nashua Mobile customers using the latest BlackBerry 10 smartphones to interact with the company directly from their smartphones. Users can view their current spend, evaluate how much airtime, SMS and data they have used within the current month, and check when they will be due for  an upgrade. Users can also use the interactive store locator to find your nearest Nashua Mobile store.
“The availability of the app for BlackBerry 10 showcases our commitment to customer service and a seamless customer experience. We strive to always serve our customers through the channels and devices of their choice. It also reflects our determination to be an innovative provider at the forefront of the latest technologies on the market,” says  Nashua Mobile CEO Mark Taylor.