Representing a new era in satellite connectivity services to business in Mozambique, Ologa, an ICT company and official reseller partner of SkyeVine, was recently awarded with a prize for distinction as the Best National SME, in the innovation category. 
The accolade, in the form of a cheque for 280 000 Meticais (MZM) and access to a number of software packages, was bestowed on the company for its delivery of SkyeVine solutions to the local market and its ability to innovate trough service delivery.
SkyeVine is a wholesale operator and provider of data broadband services via satellite for Africa. The company provides ubiquitous, prepaid, unshaped Internet coverage over the sub-Saharan African region governed by a pricing model based on usage.
The company uses a two-way satellite broadband system designed by satellite equipment specialist Newtec for IP-based service providers, looking to deliver competitive data and voice services in areas where insufficient terrestrial connectivity is available.
Apart from the hub infrastructure also delivered by Newtec, the easy-to-install remote terminal units come with a one metre dish with interactive LNB and a high throughput modem. For a true broadband experience, the modem incorporates the most efficient technologies available including IP traffic enhancement, acceleration, compression and encryption techniques. It provides an Ethernet interface to a PC or LAN router.
SkyeVine is using Ku-band satellite capacity on Intelsat 28 (New Dawn geostationary satellite at 33°E) to provide these broadband services with a maximum transmit rates of 384kbps and receive rate of 4Mbps across Africa. It is an offering that has already captured the attention of Mozambique’s growing telecommunications space, something that the executive leadership behind its partner Ologa can attest to.
Mulweli Rebelo, director-general of Ologa, says SkyeVine fits very well into the strategies of local business as the demand for high-value ICT services increases.
“ICT products are now becoming a necessity in Mozambique with the discovery of resources such as coal, gas, petrol, and with it, the mega companies moving into the country. This creates a demand for more professional and high value services, in which ICT falls into,” says Rebelo.
According to Rebelo, the demand for SkyeVine in particular is fuelled by the key advantages the technology offers a business.
These advantages include easy installation, pre-paid (flexible) payment model, rapid deployment, national coverage, reliability and affordability.
SkyeVine is being implemented throughout the country, in both public and private sectors. It has found application in rural areas at multimedia centres, micro banks, government institutions and within wildlife management.
Rebelo says since becoming a reseller in November 2011, Ologa has experienced a significant escalation of its profile in the local market and there is distinct advantage in partnering with SkyeVine as an official representative.
Advantages include association with a globally recognised brand, ongoing training and support – and the realisation of key business opportunities.
“Our company is now being contacted to provide other services in the Telecoms space, because of the perception and realisation of Ologa being a telecoms implementation company,” adds Rebelo.
Anton Kotze, managing executive at SkyeVine, says the company’s reseller network continues to play an integral role in the overall success of the solution.
“We are very pleased to have Ologa on board as a reseller for Mozambique. The African market is growing and our objective is to serve as a trusted services and support partner for the rollout of a solution that is making a difference in the lives of people throughout the continent.”