Expanding its range of electronic signature devices and solutions, Brand New Technologies is pleased to announce its new distribution agreement with VPSign, a company dedicated to providing innovative electronic document solutions to businesses, health care facilities and government agencies. VPSign is head quartered in Israel, with agencies in the US, Italy and now South Africa.
Each day millions of pages of paper are printed, at huge expense, for the sole purpose of capturing a customer’s signature. Electronic document solutions can eliminate this expense and streamline business flows.
However, legacy electronic signature solutions fall short because they are difficult to integrate into the enterprises’ form generation and archiving systems.
Customers are wary of signing blindly on signature pads without having the opportunity to review and control the document that is to bear their signature. This, in turn, increases legal exposure as the signed document is also digitally sealed and tamper evident.
VPSign provides a solution that allows enterprises to quickly, easily and efficiently convert their paper based customer-signed document systems to a fully electronic solution that saves money, promotes environmentally responsible behaviour and is intuitive and acceptable to customers.
“We are excited about the addition of VPSign to our stable,” says Charles Laxton, CEO of Brand New Technologies. “The fantastic technology supports and fully complements what we currently offer clients for their identity management solutions.”
“Partnering with Brand New Technologies creates a huge opportunity for us to expand our services in South Africa,” declares David Reichman, VPSign CEO.
“We believe BN Tech’s experience, know-how and vast expertise in electronic signatures will introduce our future mutual clients to the best state of the art solutions.”