UK-based digital publishing support company, Yudu, has entered into an exclusive rights agreement with Johannesburg-based Eish Digital to service the growing African market.
Yudu, a multi-platform publishing solution with legs around the world, is one of the world’s biggest e-publishers. Globally, Yudu is the digital platform of choice for major corporate customers such as Virgin Holidays, Readers Digest and Guinness World Book of Records, to name but a few.

“Yudu has offices in more than 76 countries worldwide. This depth and experience offers a fantastic opportunity to the burgeoning African market to access these applications in an easy and cost-effective way in order to communicate even more effectively with their customers,” says Gail Parrish, director of Eish Digital.

“This partnership presents an effective tool for African corporates, governments and marketing departments to make a dramatic and impressive first impression in this emerging new media market,” she says.
“Digital publishing is a dynamic sector which is being fuelled by Africa’s mobile uptake. Increasingly, the use of this versatile medium is becoming a business imperative for innovative African companies looking to transport their message to a global audience. We offer just that opportunity.”
Eish Digital is fully powered by Yudu and, as such, requires no hardware investments. Furthermore, use of the platform does not require any software installation to create unique, branded Apps.
In addition to being delivered traditionally to desktops and laptops, Eish Digital apps can be accessed from iPads, Android devices, smartphones and via the Web.