Mobile computing is growing momentously and is set to account for as much as 57% of worldwide IT market growth in 2013, says Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices, a Pretoria-based company focusing on wireless connectivity solutions to all market sectors, including a global first solution for the pre-paid security industry.
“Mobile computing continues to grow and, alongside other IT trends such as cloud computing, social technologies and the era of big data, it is going to play a pivotal role in the IT industry this year. In fact, it is going to account for the lion’s share of growth – even more than the current technology buzz: cloud computing.”
Meanwhile, IDC predicts that worldwide IT spending will exceed $2,1-trillion, up 5,7% from 2012. The research company also says that mobility would be the biggest driver. Sales of smart mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets, would grow by 20% – and will contribute a significant 57% of all IT growth. Excluding smart mobile devices, IT industry growth will clock in at only 2,9%.
Roberts says that companies that cannot bring “mobile solutions to the market” run the risk of falling behind and becoming “redundant” as the “entire market becomes more and more mobile”.
He confirms that TruTeq had implemented a number of pilot sites for its pre-paid security solution and had already announced the signing of commercial partners in the Philippines, France and Germany.